Healthy Christchurch has an invested interest in housing as a key determinant of health and wellbeing.

We contribute to initiatives addressing housing issues. This work includes compiling information about housing activities in greater Canterbury, providing an umbrella for strategic discussions about housing and linking with others to address specific housing issues.

Keeping warm and well in your home during the winter

Keeping warm and well during the winter months is a continuing focus for many organisations and individuals in Christchurch and Canterbury. Healthy Christchurch aims to support those organisations working on these issues, and to provide information on some of the winter-related services available within the community.

When thinking about warmth and wellness during winter, it is about more than just warm homes. Other things to consider and plan for include fuel security, social isolation, and mental wellbeing.

Two papers on housing issues are available as part of the City Health Profile:

Support services and advice on making your home healthier

Build Back Smarter is a free service providing advice to homeowners on making their homes healthier, warmer, drier, and cheaper to run.

Arrange for a Home Energy Check from Community Energy Action - expert and impartial advice that is free if you have a Community Services Card.

Community Energy Action can also provide assistance and advice on insulation, and run a Curtain Bank.

Check out the Energy Wise NZ website for information and advice on having a healthier and warmer home.

Resources to help keep you warm and well this winter

Download or order resources on keeping warm and well in winter from the Community Health Information Centre - including the pamphlet "Stay Warm and Well This Winter" from Community and Public Health.

Download the Waka Toa Ora Winter Warmth and Wellbeing Referrals Directory - updated July 2019 [PDF]. The directory is designed to help organisations to quickly identify local resources for clients in winter. It also covers some ways to support wellbeing throughout the colder months.

Discover the Canterbury District Health Board's position on home heating and air quality [PDF].

Get more information on housing issues on the Community and Public Health website.