Fuel poverty and home heating

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"Fuel poverty is very real. Freezing winters are a reality. Older people need a winter fuel subsidy"  [City Health Profile participant]

A household is considered to experience fuel poverty when the cost of fuel to adequately heat the home is more than 10% of the household income.  When heating costs are too high, homes cannot be adequately heated, which leads to poorer quality of life and poorer health.

Cold, damp houses are associated with respiratory illnesses, many of which are caused by mould.  More vulnerable members of the population are at greater risk of experiencing adverse health effects as a consequence of inadequate home heating.  It is estimated that between 22,000 and 30,000 households in Christchurch suffer from fuel poverty.

Read the full issue summary for fuel poverty and home heating [PDF] - updated April 2013.

"Regulation of electricity prices could ensure everyone can keep warm in Winter"  [City Health Profile participant]