Integrated Planning Guide

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Integrated Planning Guide version 3.2.All plans, policies and developments can potentially affect the physical and mental health of people. Integrated planning involves taking a holistic approach to addressing the needs of communities to determine the most appropriate course of action.

The Integrated Planning Guide 3.2 (IPG) is a tool to help integrate outcomes thinking relevant to health, wellbeing and sustainability into policy and plan making by considering a wide array of influences that shape our communities.

The IPG is designed to help:

  • plan in ways that build stronger more sustainable social, environmental and economic outcomes;
  • promote the wellbeing of all; and
  • keep sight of the shared vision for stronger, healthier and more resilient communities.

This latest version features an updated section on integrating Māori perspectives into this work, promoting that all sectors are responsible for achieving equitable health outcomes for Māori.

The IPG was developed collaboratively with various local agencies and endorsed by the Greater Christchurch Partnership. It can be used in multiple ways during planning and policy development to assess impacts. The targeted questions aim to enhance constructive thinking and encourage innovation. This tool can be used as a desk guide right through to being the focus at stakeholder meetings or integrated assessments.

The latest version of the IPG builds on previous resources:

Contact the Health in All Policies Team at Community and Public Health if you would like a presentation on the IPG, tailored training, or to workshop a project you are working on ( hiap[at]

Pandemic Supplement to the Integrated Planning Guide

The response to COVID-19 reinforces how policies and actions outside of the health sector can protect wellbeing and foster resilience. Three key priorities should be taken into account while planning the recovery from this pandemic:

  • health and equity;
  • addressing climate sustainability; and
  • incorporating wider social goals.

The Pandemic Supplement to the Integrated Planning Guide for a healthy, sustainable and resilient future provides strategic questions and considerations across key dimensions of health specific to pandemic planning and recovery.

This 5-page supplement was developed with key partners, and is intended for use alongside the Integrated Planning Guide Version 3. Use these additional prompts when developing plans or projects for both pandemic recovery and to build ongoing resilience to public health emergencies.

Download the Pandemic Supplement to the Integrated Planning Guide for a healthy, sustainable and resilient future [1.4MB PDF].