Drinking Water

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"We are spoilt for good drinking water - we need to maintain that quality without chemicals - you really notice it when you go elsewhere."  [City Health Profile participant]

The management of drinking water quality is crucial to the prevention of waterborne diseases and chemical contamination.  Most of metropolitan Christchurch's drinking water is "aged water" from underground aquifers, and as such does not generally need to be treated to make it safe for human consumption.

After the February 2011 earthquake, the water supply was chlorinated for a period to control the risk of cross-contamination from damaged sewerage and water supply infrastructure.

At times of peak demand during the summer, restrictions may be placed on water use.  In the long term, Christchurch needs to manage demand for water in order to ensure security of supply.

Read the full issue summary for drinking water [PDF] - updated August 2016.

"I worry about our drinking water becoming degraded, with all the dairying and nitrates etc polluting our waterways. I think the intensive dairying needs to be stopped and focus on high water and river quality be a bigger focus. "  [City Health Profile participant]