Democratic Participation

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Te OrangaNga ManukuraTe Mana Whakahaere
"ACTIS – innovative engagement – make it fun so people don’t avoid hui. ACTIS not too shy to get themselves out there and empower and invite people at every stage i.e. street BBQ"  [City Health Profile participant]

Citizen participation in public decision making and problem solving gives people a way of contributing to the communities they live in. This contribution is an important aspect of people's wellbeing as it brings:

  • an ability to influence decisions
  • opportunities to connect with others in the community, and
  • opportunities to learn and understand

Underpinning the process is the sense of being valued by community leaders and others in the community.

The proportion of enrolled Christchurch electors who voted in local body elections is low and has declined steadily over the last seven elections, from 60% in 1989 to 42% in 2007.

Read the full issue summary on democratic participation [PDF] - updated September 2016.

"I do feel we have a say, but I feel our say goes unheard."  [City Health Profile participant]