Public Transport

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Te OrangaWaioraTe Mana Whakahaere
"Transport is excellent with regular bus service."  [City Health Profile participant]

The availability of safe, affordable and convenient public transport allows more people to travel to work, to access services, and to participate in social and leisure activities.  Access to public transport is especially important for those on low incomes or who are unable to drive, cycle, or walk long distances. Public transport also has the potential to reduce accidents, pollution, and traffic congestion in the city. 

Bus patronage has been increasing in Christchurch from a low of around 8 trips per person per year in 1999, to about 17 trips in 2010.  In 2007/08, Environment Canterbury reported that 95% of households in Canterbury lived within 500 metres of a bus route .

Read the full issue summary on public transport [PDF] - updated May 2013.

"More public transport to more places. It is too hard for people with no transport to get many places without going into the city to change buses to come to the suburb next to them (eg Shirley to St Albans)"  [City Health Profile participant]