Air quality

This measure relates to:
"Continued improvement in air quality through restrictions on open fires, wood burners etc."  [City Health Profile participant]

High levels of air pollution have been shown to increase mortality, hospital admissions and emergency department visits.  People aged over 65 years, infants and preschool children, and people with respiratory problems and chronic diseases are particularly affected.

During winter, Christchurch experiences poor air quality due to geographical and climatic conditions which trap air pollution at low altitude above the city.  An estimated 80% of this pollution in recent years has come from open fires and older solid fuel burners, although these are gradually being phased-out-and many have been replaced with clean heat sources since the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes-and air quality has been improving.

One Christchurch study found that more socially deprived neighbourhoods had significantly higher levels of traffic-related pollution than high income areas.

Read the full issue summary on air quality [PDF].

"St Albans air quality has improved massivly since moving there in 2004"  [City Health Profile participant]