Arts Culture and Heritage

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"More Maori things, activities are needed, kapa haka"  [City Health Profile participant]

Increasing recognition is given to the importance of art and culture in the daily lives of New Zealanders.  Our sense of who we are is dependent to a significant extent on our experiences of our culture and heritage. Local identity is becoming more important in a world that is becoming more global.

A well-developed culture and an appreciation of the unique aspects of New Zealand's culture, including Māori culture, contribute positively to economic growth, social connectedness, the acceptance and encouragement of cultural diversity, creative thinking and a nation's self-confidence.


Heritage has an intrinsic value as a record of history and an expression of evolving cultural identity.  Qualities that make our heritage special range from:

  • events or definable periods of history (especially for buildings or homes)
  • things of religious and spiritual significance or
  • associations with particular places or people.

Heritage helps to create a unique sense of community connecting individuals to neighbourhoods, and provides continuity in a constantly changing society and environment affirming where our communities have come from and helping to plan for the future.

Read the full issue summary on arts, culture and heritage [PDF] - updated October 2016.

"At the moment cultural aspects of the community are somewhat limited to Maori and European, with not enough focus on Asians or Pacific Islanders or Indians for example, it would be nice to see more efforts to make these cultures more included."  [City Health Profile participant]