Waka Toa Ora Advisory Group

The Waka Toa Ora Advisory Group is made up of representatives from the health, local government and NGO sectors. Listed below are the current representatives from the Advisory organisations:

  • Canterbury Workers Educational Association – Lottie Vinson;
  • Christchurch City Council – Paul Cottam and Claire Bryant;
  • Te Mana Ora | Community and Public Health – Sara Epperson and Gail McLauchlan;
  • Environment Canterbury – Clare Pattison and Sam Bellamy;
  • Greater Christchurch Partnership – Nadja Grabner-Thornley;
  • Manawhenua ki Waitaha – Wendy Dallas Katoa;
  • Ministry of Social Development – Marie Ward;
  • One Voice – Te Reo Kotahi – Kathy Duncan;
  • Selwyn District Council – TBC;
  • Social Equity and Wellbeing Network - Liz Hawes; and
  • Waimakariri District Council – Tessa Sturley.

The Advisory Group has the following roles:

  • ensure a Health in all Policies (HIAP) approach for the Canterbury region;
  • bring diverse backgrounds and perspectives to the table;
  • support collaborative approaches both within the Advisory group and between signatories/communities;
  • ensure working relationship with key decision makers is developed and maintained; and
  • foster actions to promote and enhance community health under the Greater Christchurch Partnership.

Notes from Advisory Group Meetings

The Waka Toa Ora Advisory Group meets regularly, and shares key messages from their meetings. Notes from previous meetings are available below.