Community initiatives

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"Community development groups are very good, Te Whare Roimata being one local one to me, but aware of many others like Delta in Richmond, & a St Albans group. "  [City Health Profile participant]

Community initiatives-those that are driven by communities themselves-are an important part of increasing people's connections to their community, raising awareness of issues of importance, and increasing communities' sense of ownership of solutions to challenges they face.

Christchurch has a variety of formal and informal community organisations.  Some of these have an explicit focus on enabling communities themselves to improve their health and wellbeing: for example, the 12 community gardens now established in the city, Project Lyttelton, and Aranui Community Trust Incorporated Society (ACTIS).  Farmers' markets are another example of an initiative aimed at increasing community wellbeing and sustainability.

Read the full issue summary for community initiatives [PDF].

"Transparency is crucial…meetings must be open to the public"  [City Health Profile participant]