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"“Free library services – I think even a small charge would pose a significant barrier to some families”"  [City Health Profile participant]

Differences in income show a consistent pattern across the population.  Low income is associated with poor outcomes in many areas including:

  • employment
  • educational achievement
  • adequate housing
  • access to opportunities to participate in leisure and recreational activities
  • exposure to air pollution, nutrition
  • lower life expectancy, and
  • more chronic illness including mental illness.

A child growing up in poverty is three times more likely to be sick than other children with Māori and Pasifika children most at risk from insufficient income, substandard housing, inadequate nutritious food and unequal access to health care.

Read the full issue summary on income [PDF].

"“It seems to be getting harder to find services that are suitable for a range of people –older, disabled etc – at an affordable level.”"  [City Health Profile participant]