Age and Dementia Friendly City

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Te OrangaToiora
"“I’d like to see you concentrating on what’s going to be required for older people as the population ages and the number of older people increases. Good access to buildings, footpaths without things in the way, continue to have 0800 no for older people to access information…”"  [City Health Profile participant]

Christchurch has an ageing population and the proportion of older people will continue to rise over the next two decades. Ageing is associated with an increasing loss of ability to carry out normal activities of daily living.  Improvements in health care, lifestyle, education, and nutrition have slowed the functional decline so those entering their 80s are less impaired than in the past and are increasing in numbers. Ensuring our city is explicitly designed to be age-friendly will contribute to an increased ability of elderly to participate in society.

Read the full issue summary on age and dementia friendly cities [PDF] - updated September 2016.

"“Provide opportunities for older and young people to integrate”"  [City Health Profile participant]