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"Smoking to be outlawed completely, why should I have to breath the air they pollute, I choose not to smoke and yet people are still allowed to smoke around me and my family."  [City Health Profile participant]

Cigarette smoking is the single biggest cause of preventable morbidity and mortality in New Zealand, leading to the premature deaths of 4,500 to 5,000 New Zealanders every year.  Around 10% of these are in the Canterbury area.  Smoking has been linked with a variety of poor health outcomes, including bronchial disorders and a number of cancers.

In 2006, 19% of Christchurch residents aged 15 years and over were regular cigarette smokers - down from 22% ten years earlier.  The proportion of adult smokers in Christchurch was lower than for the country as a whole (21% in 2006, down from 24% in 1996).  Nationwide, the prevalence of smoking amongst Māori and Pacific people is much higher than for the population as a whole, at 45.4% and 31.4% respectively.  Adults in lower socio-economic groups also have higher smoking rates.  Smoking contributes significantly to the gap in life expectancy between Māori and non-Māori, and between those living in the most-deprived and the least-deprived areas.

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"I love going out and having indoor venues smoke free. I am asthmatic and this has really made a change to how many times I accept an invitation to go out. A real shock when visiting Australia and assuming that accommodation and resturants would be smoke free."  [City Health Profile participant]