Migrant Social Support

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Te OrangaMaurioraTe Mana Whakahaere

Migrants are people who have left their country of origin to take up residence in another country.  The term Migrants generally refers to people who decide to make New Zealand their new home.  Refugees are those who need to leave their country for many reasons (war, conflict, personal safety) and are not able to return.  They have little choice in leaving or in the choosing of their new country.

Effective resettlement of new migrants is important both for the migrant and host communities since it increases social cohesion and helps migrants to achieve their full potential. Refugees and asylum seekers who have already experienced considerable trauma need particular support to ensure positive resettlement.

The availability of interpreter services and ESOL classes for non-English speakers is also vital. Provision of interpreter services, especially for refugee communities, has improved significantly in Christchurch over the past 10 years.

Read the full issue summary on support for migrants and refugees [PDF].