"Whaia te pae tawhiti kia mau, ko te pae tata whakamauakia tina, hui e tāiki e"
Pursue the distant horizons of your aspirations, hold fast to those you achieve.


Resources to help after the Christchurch incident

Here are some messages from the All Right? campaign after the distressing and shoking events in Christchurch last week…

Normalising our reactions

  • A lot of us are feeling on edge and upset right now – this is a completely normal reaction.
  • Disasters and big shocks take a toll on all of us and coping is not always easy.
  • During scary or surprising events, our brains react by releasing adrenaline. This response is our natural alarm system – our body telling us to be alert and ready for action. It’s there to help us, but afterwards we can feel shaky, queasy or on-edge, and that’s totally normal.

Looking after ourselves and each other

There are small things we can do to look after ourselves and others, even when times are tough:

  • Be kind to one another. Kindness is contagious, and boosts endorphins.
  • Take a digital detox, and focus on an activity you love. Reading, games with the kids, or a short walk.
  • Spend time with people you love – we all need each other. Talk about how your feeling.
  • Focus on the things you can control.

Get other suggestions for coping with these events on the All Right? website.


Welcome to Healthy Christchurch

Healthy Christchurch is a CDHB-led intersectoral collaborative partnership based on the WHO Healthy Cities model.

The key idea is that all sectors and groups have a role to play in creating a healthy city, whether their specific focus is recreation, employment, youth, environmental enhancement, transport, housing or any other aspect of city life.

This intersectoral initiative aims at foster collaboration between organisations who have signed The Healthy Christchurch Charter.

Read the Healthy Christchurch Charter.

There are currently over 200 Charter Signatories, ranging from government agencies, businesses, voluntary sector groups, networks and residents associations. The specialist focus of the signatories ranges from children's welfare to sport, from the arts to literacy.

Healthy Christchurch Logo.


News headlines from Healthy Christchurch and from Healthy Christchurch signatories. For more news click here.

  • Support available for those affected by the 15 March Christchurch tragedy

    A variety of support is available to those affected by the 15th March incident in Christchurch. Interpreting services available from Language Line (0800 656 656) when visiting or phoning a Government agency or using a helpline
  • Avoiding a Legionnaires’ Spring Spike

    Canterbury DHB media release: 4th October 2018 Canterbury’s gardeners are being urged to take care with potting mix and compost to avoid repeating the spike in Legionnaires’ cases that occurred in spring 2017
  • Shuttle service to link hospital to central city

    Christchurch City Council Newsline: 20th June 2018 People heading to Christchurch Hospital will be able to take advantage of a new shuttle service from Monday 2nd July
  • Community Care Research and Development Showcase

    The New Zealand Institute of Community Health Care warmly invite you to this year’s Research & Development Showcase.  "We will be presenting some of our current research and development projects and reporting on some recently completed work"
  • Vacancies : Canterbury DHB Consumer Council

    The Canterbury District Health Board would like to make appointments as soon as possible for replacement representatives on its Consumer Council for the following areas: Men’s Health Rural Health Chronic Health Conditions Children's and Family Health Th
  • Art Exhibition at Linwood Community Art Centre

    "Cranmer Life Drawing Tuesday Nights" opening after Easter. This exhibition includes drawings and paintings from the Linwood Community Arts Centre Tuesday night class, alongside photographs from the NZ Body Art Showcases which are for sale
  • Workshops for life-supporting training from A-OKNZ

    A-OK.NZ is a provider of quality, internationally recognised training that equips people to be able to have life-supporting conversations. Our frameworks are tested and have been proven to work in preventing suicide
  • Canterbury Workers Educational Association AGM

    The WEA team have given notice of this year's AGM. "This year we will be sharing some kai before the meeting and asking for your thoughts and ideas in a short session focused on the future of our membership afterwards
  • Autumn Courses at Women's Centre

    Women's Center are offering two courses and a one-day workshop in May and June. I Like Me: building healthy self-esteem and confidence Dates: 2nd May to 23rd May, Thursday 10am to 12 noon

Healthy Christchurch Champions

  • Canterbury District Health Board
  • Christchurch City Council
  • Environment Canterbury
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ngai Tahu
  • NZ Police
  • Pegasus Health
  • University of Otago, Christchurch