Work-Life Balance

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"“ More integrated planning for sports facilities as it is time consuming taking one child to one sport-field and another child somewhere else.”"  [City Health Profile participant]

Work-life balance is about managing to find a good balance between paid work and other activities that are important to us.  This includes spending time with family, taking part in sport and recreation, volunteering, and study.  People may suffer from stress or anxiety if they can't find this balance.

In the most recent Quality of Life Survey (2010), 77% of Christchurch residents in paid employment were either satisfied or very satisfied with the balance between work and other aspects of their life.  There were no significant differences by age, gender, income or ethnicity.  Part-time employees across the income scale had high levels of satisfaction with their work-life balance.

Read the full issue summary on work-life balance [PDF] - updated September 2016.

"“Personal time constraints are the only preventative to being healthy”"  [City Health Profile participant]