The Christchurch City Health and Wellbeing Profile and Key Issue Papers

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CityHealthProfile2012The Christchurch City Health and Wellbeing Profile is a snapshot capturing information about Christchurch's population and the factors that influence their health and wellbeing.  The Profile is a summary of the thoughts and feelings of the almost 700 people and organisations in Christchurch.  Christchurch residents identified a range of issues that were important to creating healthy people and communities.

These key issues have been analysed in detail and developed into over 40 individual papers that cover background on the issue along with recent data and solutions with a particular focus on inequalities.

Health begins where we live, work, learn and play and the findings of the Profile show that everyone has some role to play promoting Christchurch as a good place to live.

The Profile was largely developed prior to the February 2011 earthquake but now provides an even more timely snapshot of what people valued about life in Christchurch.  The Profile was created through the Healthy Christchurch interagency network.  Public consultations were held between September 2009 and September 2010, and the information gained from these conversations formed the basis for the development of the Profile. Staff from Community and Public Health (CDHB) and the Christchurch City Council coordinated the Profile, with help from a range of agencies throughout the city.

Contact Health Christchurch if your community or agency is interested in becoming involved with work around any aspects of the Profile.

The Profile will help shape life in Christchurch

Understanding the range of factors that contribute to people's health can help us develop policies and plans to improve health and wellbeing.  The Profile provides a wide range of data about what influences wellbeing in Christchurch, and as such is a useful tool for planners, government and other agencies, communities and individuals to identify priorities for improving life in the city.

The papers on each of the key identified issues will be updated regularly, as new information becomes available.

As Christchurch rebuilds both socially and structurally from the devastation of February 2011, the Profile offers insights and evidence which can help shape a recovery that prioritises the health and wellbeing of Christchurch citizens as the measure of its success.

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Key Issue Papers and Te Pae Mahutonga

Te Pae Mahutonga model is used to represent the factors that influence our health and wellbeing. These are known as the determinants of health. Te Pae Mahutonga uses the imagery of star constellation, the Southern Cross.

TPM star chart

The four central stars represent the four key tasks of health promotion:

The two pointers represent two important prerequisites for effective health promotion:

Each of the issue papers has been placed in the Te Pae Mahutonga model or under key health challenges.

Find out about the key health challenges addressed in the City Health Profile.

Read an explanation of the Te Pae Mahutonga health promotion framework [PDF].