Other Alcohol Improvement Agencies and Resources

Here are a number of resources and links to organisations on alcohol and alcohol related harm.

Alcohol Action in New Zealand

Alcohol Action NZ have been working at the frontline keeping the people of NZ informed about all aspects related to the issue of alcohol.

Download a postcard to send to your MP about the effects of alcohol on our society.

Read the 21 SHOT Questionaire for information on the effects of alcohol on our nation and alcohol reform.

Health Promotion Agency

The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) is a Crown entity formed on 1 July 2012 through the merger of the Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC) and Health Sponsorship Council (HSC) and some health promotion functions previously delivered by the Ministry of Health.  Their dedicated alcohol website has extensive resources and information around reducing alcohol-related harm.

Alcohol-use disorders: preventing the development of hazardous and harmful drinking

The UK Department of Health asked the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to produce public health guidance on the prevention and early identification of alcohol-use disorders among adults and adolescents.

The NICE Alcohol guidelines are for all those organisations (e.g. government, industry and commerce, the NHS) whose actions affect the population's attitudes to and use of alcohol. This includes commissioners, managers and practitioners working in local authorities, education and the wider public, private, voluntary and community sectors. It may also be of interest to members of the public.

Is New Zealand lagging behind other OECD countries in measures to reduce alcohol-related harm?

The need to improve measures to reduce alcohol consumption and hazardous drinking in New Zealand has become particularly topical in New Zealand. This is due to the Law Commission's report "Alcohol in Our Lives: Curbing the Harm" released in April 2010 and the Government's response to this report released in August 2010.

This concern is appropriate given the high burden of harm to health (and particularly for Maori health) in New Zealand. Indeed, alcohol is second only to tobacco as a cause of lost disability-adjusted-life-years (DALYs) in high-income countries according to recent global burden of disease work by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Read the Law Commission report "Alcohol in Our Lives: Curbing the Harm".

Read the 153 recommendations made by the Law Commission to the Government in May 2010.

Read the August 2010 comment article in the New Zealand Medical Journal.

Read about the Alcohol Law Reform process for getting new alcohol legislation passed into law [PDF].

Alcohol: no ordinary commodity

This new book describes why alcohol is not an ordinary commodity, and reviews epidemiological data that establish alcohol as a major contributor to the global burden of disease, disability and death in high-, middle- and low-income countries. The book also looks at the scientific evidence for strategies and interventions that can prevent or minimize alcohol related harm.

Read a summary on Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity (2nd Edition) from the journal Addiction.

Healthy Christchurch Champions

  • Canterbury District Health Board
  • Christchurch City Council
  • Environment Canterbury
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ngai Tahu
  • NZ Police
  • Pegasus Health
  • University of Otago, Christchurch