"Whaia te pae tawhiti kia mau, ko te pae tata whakamauakia tina, hui e tāiki e"
Pursue the distant horizons of your aspirations, hold fast to those you achieve.

Winter survival tips from All Right? ❄️

Winter got you feeling blah? You’re not alone! We’re not sure whether it’s the rain, the cold, being stuck indoors, or not feeling the sun’s warm rays on your face. That wintry blah feeling can be hard to shake whatever it is.

Here are things we can all do to take extra special care of ourselves:

  • Take a wintry stroll since being out and about in nature is great for your mental health. Why not rug up warm, go for a walk, and take some time to admire something beautiful on the way.
  • Head indoors with friends. Winter is the perfect time to have some friends over to share some baking, have a potluck tea, or play a game of cards.
    Catching up with mates is one of the best things you do for your mental health.
  • Have a good boogie.
    Researchers in 2013 showed that listening to upbeat or cheery music significantly improved participant’s mood.
  • Keep discovering.
    Learning something new stimulates your mind - whether it’s finding a new favourite author, learning a new instrument, or mastering your te reo.
  • Share some kindness. Even the little things we do can make a big difference to someone’s day. Doing something nice for a friend, or a stranger, doesn’t just benefit them.
    Being kind produces two 'feel good' chemicals that help you feel happier, calmer, and more energetic.

Photo of surfers. Source: Sarah Gallagher.

Welcome to Healthy Christchurch

Healthy Christchurch is a CDHB-led intersectoral collaborative partnership based on the WHO Healthy Cities model.

The key idea is that all sectors and groups have a role to play in creating a healthy city, whether their specific focus is recreation, employment, youth, environmental enhancement, transport, housing or any other aspect of city life.

This intersectoral initiative aims at foster collaboration between organisations who have signed The Healthy Christchurch Charter.

Read the Healthy Christchurch Charter.

There are currently over 200 Charter Signatories, ranging from government agencies, businesses, voluntary sector groups, networks and residents associations. The specialist focus of the signatories ranges from children's welfare to sport, from the arts to literacy.

Healthy Christchurch Logo.


News headlines from Healthy Christchurch and from Healthy Christchurch signatories. For more news click here.

Healthy Christchurch Champions

  • Canterbury District Health Board
  • Christchurch City Council
  • Environment Canterbury
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ngai Tahu
  • NZ Police
  • Pegasus Health
  • University of Otago, Christchurch