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Living Economies Expo eUpdate: 26 January 2017

Thursday, February 02, 2017   Posted in: Conferences By: Administrator With tags: conferences, economy

Living Economies Expo.A reminder of the basic details for the Living Economies Expo…

Dates: Friday 31st March to Sunday 2nd April 2017. Some post Expo trips are also being planned for Monday 3rd April.

  • Friday at the Lyttelton Recreation Centre (Winchester Street); and
  • Saturday and Sunday at the Lyttelton Primary School (Oxford Street).

The theme for the expo is "Seeding systemic change". The event will address the interconnected nature of all global issues and the central role the current financial system plays in that. Attention will be drawn to the many examples (usually locally based) of real solutions.

Watch for future newsletters to learn when the website is up and taking registrations.

We want the Living Economies Expo to be a zero waste event. We mightn’t get it done perfectly, but our intention is to move towards that zero. I’ll keep you posted.

Warm regards
Margaret Jefferies

Professor Edgar Cahn - the creator of Time Banks worldwide - writes

"In dealing with each of aging, global warming, and refugees, we will see an increasing need for each economic sector (public, private, independent) to partner with the Core Economy of households, neighborhoods and community.

The need is to nurture the renewal of an organic grassroots infrastructure that can mobilize entire neighborhoods, organize streams of disconnected volunteers, engage in fluid problem solving, and generate feedback loops to inform and refocus initiatives by all sectors, public, private and non-profit. Our concept of a public infrastructure (sewer, electricity, fire control, civil defense, police) will have to undergo transformation to nurture these fluid social networks, sustain connectivity, expand trust, and harness information systems.

This will require a radically different way to generate necessary public and community-based action that combines initiatives and prototypes that have already proven effective. Ultimately, this will have to happen on an unprecedented scale in order to deal with these multiple global - and escalating – phenomena."

Announcement of new confirmed speakers

Last week Gar Alperovitz, Raf Manji, Niki Harré, and Deirdre Kent were confirmed as speakers. This week sees Gary Flohmenhoft and Matthew Slater confirmed.

Gary Flohmenhoft is a part-time sailor, full-time commoner. Gary is a student of Herman Daly in Ecological Economics and Public Policy at the University of Maryland. He is currently a PhD student at UQ in communal property rights in mining.  12 year Fellow and Lecturer at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont.  Initiated bills for Green Taxes, Subsidy Reform, Common Assets Basic Income, and Public Banking in the Vermont Legislature.  Currently working on helping to establish the first Community Land Trusts (CLTs) in Australia.

Matthew Slater builds community software and specialises in complementary currencies and money systems. He will be leading a session of the 'Trading Floor Game' which was very popular when he visited 3 years ago, and is also looking forward to sharing his reflections with us, having spent the previous 2 weeks touring projects around the country.


There are more presenters that are nearing the finalising stage - more information next week!

Help co-create the Living Economies Expo

Thank you to all who are responding to these newsletters by offering help, information and support. It is exciting being in this role receiving all the feedback, experiencing the real excitement that the Living Economies Expo is generating. It is fun hearing from people that they have already booked their flights! Co-creating an event, brings richness, it takes a letting go of the need to control and in return we have magic occurring. The way we are organising this event through co-creation is an example of grass roots action.

You are an amazing group of people. Last week you responded to my call to have the event underwritten. That has now been done! Thank you.

Here is this week’s list of what we are looking for…

  • A food co-ordinator. Probably this person needs to be Lyttelton or Christchurch based – but not essential. We have lots of offers of food and help, but we need someone to hold this information, sort out a plan, see if there are any gaps and oversee that all the tasks get done.
  • Plains FM has offered for us to air interviews building up to the event. We need someone who would like to get basic training, who likes interviewing people (well chatting with them I guess!). This person or persons would come with me this month to plan with Plains FM the details.
  • IT people. One of the speakers – Gar Alperovitz – will be present via Skype or some variant. I want to make sure that excellent systems are in place for a perfect call in. There would be other IT stuff at the event as well. I have some people casually lined up for this, but I am now looking to firm up who will do what.
  • A person to screen print calico bags. We have the screen and bags, just need someone who is familiar with this process to do it – it’s quite straight forward.
  • Offers to accommodate participants. We have 300 attendees in our sights for the event, and many of these people will be looking for accommodation. We would love to hear from people attending the Expo who could offer accommodation and bring their person with them to the event - but are not time bank members.
  • Filmakers. It would be good to have some of the event filmed to keep the learning alive post event. Podcasts of the speakers through PlainsFM.

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