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Living Economies Expo eUpdate: 21 February 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017   Posted in: Conferences By: Administrator With tags: conferences, economy

Living Economies Expo.Welcome to the Living Economies Expo newsletter – to both new and longer term subscribers.

This newsletter gives information and updates building up to the co-created Living Economies Expo by answering some of the why, what, when type questions.

Our vision is… imagine a country which respects the living planet; whose people enjoy fair land tenure, good housing, good health, wholesome food, a rewarding livelihood, free education, a compassionate justice system, and an adequate income: a country with an inclusive democracy grounded in vibrant communities. This could be Aotearoa New Zealand – together, we can make this vision a reality.

Our Purpose is… to seed systemic change by:

  • Raising awareness of how the current economic system works, and the interconnectedness of all issues.
  • Connecting all groups working on these issues.
  • Building strong voice.
  • Giving those with knowledge and drive the tools for community action

Dates: Friday 31st March to Sunday 2nd April 2017. Some post Expo trips are also being planned for Monday 3rd April.

  • Friday at the Lyttelton Recreation Centre (25 Winchester Street); and
  • Saturday and Sunday at the Lyttelton Primary School (Oxford Street).

Visit the Living Economies Expo website for more information, including how to register. Registrations are now open.

Until the next newsletter - be delighted by witnessing acts of love.

Margaret Jefferies for the Living Economies Board.

Helpful presentations leading into the Expo

Last week in Christchurch the economist Tim Jackson, the author of Prosperity without Growth, spoke to a large audience about the central role played by the current dysfunctional money system. An excellent lead into the Living Economies Expo.

We are building up our knowledge and understanding through such speakers, practising through our co-creation of the Living Economies Expo, enabling ourselves to initiate a change of system.

The Green Party’s co-leader James Shaw is also talking about alternative economies:

Date and Time: Thursday 2nd March 2017, from 7.30pm
Location: Trenches Bar (74 Armagh Street)

You will notice that these newsletters will focus on Expo topic-related events in Christchurch as we build up towards 31st March. Let Margaret know of related events from around the country so they can be added.

Dr Nafeez Ahmed is presenting at the Expo

Dr Nafeez Ahmed is speaking at the Living Economies Expo via Skype. He is a major independent commentator on global issues.

His latest US commentary looks at depth at the Trump administration. Originally he was going to be present, but that has proved to be no longer an option. We will have him speak with us on the Sunday - so that we separate out the two Skype calls.

Help co-create the Living Economies Expo

Thank you for your responses to the requests in the last newsletter. We now have help with co-ordinating Stephanie Rearick’s visit in New Zealand, entertainment and transport co-ordinators. There were some requests unmet. I simply use the answering or non-answering as a guide to how the event will unfold.

It is actually quite a lot of fun witnessing the  emergence of the Living Economies Expo as an entity with its own life force! It feels like I am just nudging it into place.

Here is this week's list of what we are looking for…

  • One of the sectors we would like to draw into this conversation is local body councils from throughout New Zealand. Councils can greatly influence what happens locally. We would like them to be well represented at our event. The evolving nature of how this Living Economies Expo is being drawn together is a bit different from other events. This can be challenging for council structures to respond. If you are involved in any way with your local council, hone and activate your ‘difference making’ skills so that it becomes easy for councils to respond and register people to attend.
  • I am now focussing on the ‘expo’ part of the Living Economies Expo. Looking at examples of local solutions that are mindful of the needs of the planet, examples that surprise us, wow us, get us thinking, help us feel that the human species has a heart as well as a mind. Examples that inspire us - these can be quite simple. I have a list that I am chipping away at, but you the readers will know of great examples that could be highlighted at the event, either in person, or via a film clip. I need leads.  With the leads I need to have a point of contact. If I get a magnificent response to this request – you can already dream up what will be on the next request list, someone to help work through the list!
  • I am also looking for examples of tools: decision making tools, how to run effective meetings, methods to engage people in the conversation, like the role of listening. What have you found particularly helpful in creating change? Can you name the tool and give me a reference or a point of contact?

The organisers look forward your responses.

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